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  1. O_O

    hhhhhfffrhhfrr fhhrrfhhrhhfrr mouahahahahahhaaa 😀

    (c’était un commentaire de la LDCPCMQEEQMRLC, ligue du commentaire pas constructif mais qu’il est expressif quand même reconnaissons lui ça)

  2. that she never followed thorguh and never approached them after that. Teresa went to the trump golf tournament. Jill was there too. She pitched herself for apprentice. Then, a leak said Caroline is the one that said to call Teresa and that she is the reason why Teresa got on. Then Trump said no we didn’t call Caroline. See-Caroline had talked but didn’t follow thorguh. When we have friends, we talk about exciting things. Teresa pitched herself and got it. Caroline went and laid out the truth but some magazines made it out like Caroline was jealous etc. Teresa mixes truth with lies.ust enough truth to get you to believe her. Lies to make the other side look bad. That is the work of the devil. Teresa has sold her soul for gold and her face is looking very ugly nowadays. When there are so many lies it is hard to keep track. This only works for so long then you get caught. She is the one stealing ideas and blaming others for doing it to her. That doesn’t make you jealous, that makes you angry.

  3. +5 points a la trollette pour l’expression

    moi j’aime bien les ptits details genre les emblemes de la principauté en haut du baldatruc tout en haut du machinchose qui surplombe le trone princier. J’me comprends.

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