9 réflexions sur « Ah ouais tiens ! »

  1. KYsheila Posted on I loved this card. My 4 year old grandson has a woerdnful imagination and I can see that used as a wheel on a truck. I can put some car stickers on it. Thank you so much. It is so hard to find boy ideas. I liked the way you saved money on tape. I’ve been paying $6.00 plux tax for 36 feet of tape. Now, I am going to do it both ways. You did use masking tape right? Then take it off and the sticky stuff stays on your card? Anyway, a HUGE thanks. Sheila

  2. Ah ? J’ai une copine qui est aussi de 6 jours avant moi. Un drôle de destin, d’ailleurs.

    Et non, moi, comme tous les parisiens qui viennent de la campagne, je suis à la banque des paysans.

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